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If Be (beryllium) and S (sulfur) were in compound 2gether what would be the formula & how do u figure that out


im a lil slow and i need a lotta help with chemistry, they are trying to fail me and i've only been in the class for 8 days, im at a new high school, (10th grade) and the school i was at didn't teach me anything so basically i don't have a 9th grade education or a 10th for that matter, im trying to prove to them that i can catch up so they wont put me back and if they put me back i might not graduate on time because I still have a sh!t load of other classes i need to take. please help me :'(. P.S. more than likely I'll be on here a lot


Danmergury is totally right.

Here's a link to the periodic table:

So that you can see what he's talking about with the different groups having different charges.

You can think of it like this:
The atomic number (like 4 for Be) is the number of protons, as well as the number of electrons. So Be has 4 electrons. So you can think of adding a proton and electron each time you go to the next element on the periodic table.

But let's focus on the electrons. To count them up in Be, you start at H, then go over to He. Every time you reach the end of a row in the periodic table you have completed a shell. This makes elements stable and happy. But we have to keep going to get to Be. So you add another electron as you go past Li and finally you get to Be with 4 electrons.

So -- If you look at that periodic table, Be has those 2 extra blue electrons that are keeping it from being like He, which is a happy element. That last row is sometimes called the Noble Gases. All the other elements wish they were as cool as the noble gases. So Be is gonna get rid of it's 2 extra electrons to try to be like He.

Does that kinda make sense?

In a similar way, S is only 2 electrons away from being like Ar. So S tries to find 2 electrons that it can steal from another element so that it can be like Ar.

Good luck with your classes!

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